The Cricket of Life
By Julia Fernandes
February 20, 2012
Thanks to my brother’s passion for sports, I end up watching cricket, football, tennis and all the other games. Few days back, I was enjoying the Celebrity Cricket League and yesterday, I found myself watching the Bangladesh Premier League. 
While watching cricket, a thought flickered through my mind. Life is so similar to cricket. Each of us have to come out and bat the days of our life. The number of runs we score are the number of successful, happy and memorable moments we build for ourselves.
The pitch and the playing conditions are the respective backgrounds that we are born with over which we have little control. Some are privileged to get good conditions while some are not so lucky.
Our attitude and our way of thinking is the bat that we use to play in our life. Sometimes, no matter how good a player you are, a bad attitude will not help you score the runs you want. When that happens, just remember it is time to change your bat. The mistakes that we make in life are nothing but the bad shots that we play.
The people who come and go in our life are the partners with whom we play. With some we manage to click while with some we just fail to score runs. Nobody really knows why some partnerships work and some don’t. Our circle of family and friends make up for the audience who are there to cheer and support us as we take on in the field of life.
The fielders represent the obstacles and challenges that we have to encounter as we play our game. And the umpire of our life is none other than -- God. So, do not worry if you are run out or lbwed or caught in the cricket of life, unless the umpire does not give you out, nobody can take you off the field.
When life throws you deadly bouncers and Yorkers, just take a refreshments break like me. Life just hit me an unexpected bouncer. So, right now I am on a break making sure I intake plenty of moral strength to tone up my energy levels of faith and hope. 
When you stand up for people and values that mean the most, you are playing an excellent innings. So, do not be shy of dedicating each innings to someone special. Go out there and bat for your family, friends, and most importantly, bat for yourself.
As for me, I have decided I am not going to bat with the flamboyance of a Lara or play classic but boring shots like a Tendulkar. I am going to face every googly, full-toss and swing my bat and hit a helicopter shot like Dhoni in the cricket of my life!