How God helps us grow
By Julia Fernandes
October 31, 2012
Many of us have our own ways and methods of asking God for directions and answers in our life.
During my earlier years, I used to find it hard to find answers or make decisions. So, I would use ways that many would probably consider childish. I would make small chits of paper, write down the choices, pray over them and then take decisions or get answers to whatever I wanted to know.
Making your own decision is still fine; what is hard is accepting responsibility for that decision and the fact that it could either be right or wrong. So, when I would make the chits it was a convenient way of pushing that responsibility on God alone. 
God being God is so kind and loving. He knows what stage of spiritual development we all are in. He knows whom to help and how much to help. The chits really worked for me in my initial years and even for others I was able to give accurate answers.
Gradually, over the years through prayer, faith and love my dependence on these chits became less frequent until I stopped using them as means to get guidance.
After a long time, I recently wanted some answers and directions in my life. I did pray a lot, but still things were not very clear. So, I took the easy way out. I made the chits. But surprise, this method no longer worked. God rendered this method redundant! 
Then I released, as you rise higher spiritually one gets less help from God. Just as when we are small babies we need to be spoon fed, God also spoon feeds us spiritually in the beginning. Once we are matured God stops the spoon feeding and expects us to make the right choices. 
God does not want us to be neurotically dependent on Him. He expects us to pray, think and evaluate the situations and challenges that we are facing. 
And each time we succeed in making the right choice based on prayer and careful thought God must be swelling with the pride of a Father on seeing His children grow up as matured souls!