Helping Hands

By Julia Fernandes

June 21, 2011


God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through. -- Anonymous


Few days back while I was proceeding towards my platform waiting to catch the train to take me home, a very heartwarming sight greeted me. Three guys and two girls -- all blind were cautiously walking in front of me. Each of the guys placed their hands on one another’s shoulders while the two girls caught each other’s hand. All five of them were being guided by a guy who was leading them. They all stayed close to each other and walked in a single file -- the guys on the left hand side of their leader and the girls on the right hand side.


I slowed down my pace and maintained a safe distance behind them watching their every move. The leader was gingerly walking past every compartment and exactly at the compartment specially reserved for them, he stopped in his tracks. He kept looking around as if to be sure that this is the right compartment. Meanwhile, all the five friends waited patiently for him to make the move. None of them entered the compartment.


After almost 25 to 30 seconds, after making some sort of mental notes, he gestured to his friends to follow him. One by one they all climbed in the compartment and after one or two minutes the train started. All five were blind, all of them entered the compartment and the one who led them all -- was blind too!


Despite their physical disability they were able to make it. They used such a simple rule -- of staying close to one another, holding each other’s hands, to ensure that not only nobody gets lost but that they also reach their destination safely. In other words they helped one another to help themselves and God helped them collectively!


I realized how we are so caught up in our own little worlds that we sometimes hesitate to help or lend a support to someone; we shrug away from shouldering each other’s burdens. Either due to neglect or due to sheer indifference we shy away from rendering help to people who genuinely may be in need of it.


Look carefully around you. Maybe there is somebody who really needs your help, your expertise, or your knowledge. Share it. Reach out to that person in whatever little way you can. Your help and support can prove invaluable to that person and who knows he or she will be in turn inspired to help others, thus triggering off a chain of helping hands!