The Unknown Feelings
By Julia Fernandes
February 28, 2012
"You are so busy living your life, that you just don’t realise how and when someone just grows into you."" -- Julia Fernandes
In our entire span of our life, so many people come and go. Some create lasting impressions; their memories are etched in stone. While others we don’t even remember. It is strange. How and why some people draw us towards them nobody really knows.
Some say it is karmic connection, some state it is soul connection. I really don’t know. All I know is that not everybody has the same effect on us. Some people bring out the best in us while some bring out the worst in us.
As we grow older, we begin to think we know ourselves in and out. Nobody can make us feel what we don’t want to feel. But that is not true. You could be living your life, busy with your work, friends that you would not even realise how and when someone you never really thought much about grows into you. 
Such growth, since it is very slow, often goes undetected, until it grows into something so big that one day you wake up and find out you are not the same person anymore. Something in you has changed forever. These are the unknown feelings we can never really identify.
These feelings are not light as a crush or passing fancy nor are they as strong as love. They fall somewhere between the two. You scratch your head and you wonder, what it is. These unknown feelings can even baffle the most emotionally sound and astute person in the world. No matter how hard you try you sometimes cannot just put your finger and say, “This is exactly what I feel.” 
Since we fail to identify these feelings, we sometimes fight these feelings or ignore them with the hope that with time they will fade away. If the feelings are really true and strong, even with time they will not go away. In fact, with time they will grow even much stronger.
If these feelings soften your eyes, warm your heart or bring a glow to your face, then be thankful to God for allowing you to experience the beauty of such unknown feelings.
So, enjoy the confusion and mystery till it lasts.