Seek The One Whom Your Soul Loves

By Julia Fernandes


Around a month from now the whole world will be celebrating the day of Love - song-of-solomon-9-1Valentine's Day with red heart shapes all around us.


The ❤️ heart has always been used as the most popular symbol of love. But are we looking at the right representation of love – in the deepest sense?


What if it’s not the heart, but the soul part of your being from where you should fall in love?


Why not the heart? Because the heart can undergo changes. God can give you a new heart, a new mind – even a new spirit. As mentioned in the Bible, “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.” Ezekiel 36:26


A change in heart and mind can also change your object of affection, too – which can be quite scary.


What you love today, you may not love tomorrow! Because your heart has been changed.


Yet, almost all of us fall in love from our hearts and mind. And maybe that’s why we see so many separations, breakups and chaos in relationships.


But not the soul – that’s eternal. Once created it cannot be changed.


Whenever we refer to a romantic partner we never say heartmate or mindmate; we always use the word soulmate. As the author in Song of Solomon 3:4 states, “I found the one whom my soul loves. “


OUR SOUL – yes, that is what we need to KNOW and WORK on, cause that’s also where our MATE lives. So, the more you know your own soul well, the better you will be able to recognize its mate!


May each find the one whom their soul loves :)




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